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THE Collection

M.emories F.orever

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F.orever Â.re M.emories Å.re F.orever


What if the 1st thought created everything and then instantly became a memory.


This eternal memory would be the link that connects us all.


What if all the memories past, present & future remain intact awaiting connection.

Possible D€jÁ vu origin.

Currently, we have the power to decide what the next moment will be...

What will you choose?


While walking, a glimpse of a glass chandelier caught his eye.

When life seemed uncertain for many in the GLOBAL plan-demic.

If you are still enough, if you are silent enough, you can remember everything all at once.

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2022 Pak officially launched ASH I Drop. A limited-edition CARBON was gifted & sold to the community.

One of the gifts went to VANGUARD "YK". 


YK saw Bit, a selfless eager Ash community member cheering others on. He decided to gift Carbon to Bitsavage.


PAK noticed the selfless gesture and gifted another Carbon to BIT so that he could complete the transaction by gifting each other our Carbon. 


For Bit, the choice was easy to complete the equation with "YoonshiKy". And so "A Carbon Story" was born.

*One will be sold, the other two will be gifted.


Can you piece together something that's broken... Bit releases some of his 1st sculpture work on-chain. Who knows what can happen next!?!

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Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 9.20.52 AM.png


Collect a Phoenix and Rise.

Combine it with "Pill properties" and watch it transform!

A dynamic adventure awaits...

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